Markets and Customers

markets and customers

Boss Polymer is the engineering partner to many Australian brands and major global brands. Working in collaboration with these customers, Boss custom engineers, designs and manufactures highly complex products to suit their specific needs.

For custom products, the team at Boss works directly with original equipment manufacturers and with the OEMs’ first, second and third tier suppliers. In most cases, Boss works closely with their clients design, engineering and quality teams to design the product, specify the polymer, plan and test the tooling, complete post production finishing and manage quality control processes. We operate a customer scheduled delivery service from our own warehouse.

Boss customers represent the full spectrum of manufacturing industries, with manufactured products ranging from very small to very large, in low to high volume production runs.

The following list indicates some of the various customers Boss has serviced across a range of industries:


Automotive customers


Building customers


construction customers


Food and Medical Customers



Industrial customers