Boss Polymer marine products


Our Products

Boss Polymer manufactures and supplies a wide range of rubber and plastic profiles for use in the Marine industry. Our engineering expertise and skill in polymer chemistry allows us to advise you on the most appropriate material selection and design to suit your particular application. Our marine profiles can be tailor made in a wide variety of materials to provide improved resistance to impact, UV damage, salt water, chemicals, fuels and solvents. Special additives can be incorporated to provide the profiles with anti-fungal and anti-slip properties. Boss Polymer are committed to working with our clients as partners in order to deliver the best possible outcome to meet project requirements and company needs.

Fenders & Dock Bumpers
Boss manufacturers’ premium fenders that are designed specifically to protect your dock and the prized marine craft that berth alongside it. Our boat fenders are non-marking, UV stabilised and contain antimicrobial additives, making them resilient and long lasting.
Miscellaneous Profiles
Boss Polymer has the capabilities to manufacture most profiles for use in the marine industry. Past projects have included pontoon connectors, sponge seals for portholes, shipping container seals and expansion and vibration joint seals and mouldings. Give us a call to discuss your unique requirements and allow us to develop a cost-effective, innovative and simple solution for your project.