Precision Extrusions & Rubber Manufacturers

Welcome to Boss Polymer Technologies, the market leader in Australian made precision extrusions and engineered plastic and rubber products.

Established in 1991 by Norman and Elisabeth Mills as a specialist extrusion manufacturer, Boss began with a focus on engineering solutions to customers’ elastomeric problems. Norman and Elisabeth are the second generation of an Australian family with a tradition of building successful plastics and rubber manufacturing businesses. Boss is a private company that owes its continued strong growth to the investment it has made in people and innovative technologies to make high quality industrial supplies. This has enabled Boss to maintain a sustainable advantage in today’s competitive global markets. Their commitment to innovation and responsiveness to the demands of a variety of global industries has resulted in Boss becoming a preferred supplier to many leading companies in a range of industries, including automotive, building, civil engineering, transport, mining and white-goods.

Originally, the family owned and operated Mills Rubber in Centre Road, Clayton (sold in 1987, with no further connection to the Mills family). Mills Rubber was highly regarded and renowned for their quality products and expertise. Mills was one of the first Australian companies to embrace modern technologies, such as injection moulding, continuous vulcanisation and silicone wire and cable.
Mills began extruding solar in the early 1970’s and formed its subsidiary company Boss Solar with a focus on quality and longevity that has continued with the manufacturing of Boss Solar Premium products today. Boss Solar is renowned for delivering precision products to both Local and International markets for over 25 years.

Boss is a Team of Highly Skilled, Dedicated Professionals


Boss has the engineering support to provide their customers with products that are cutting edge, of the highest performance and quality standard and which give them a true market edge in today’s competitive global marketplace. As a global trader Boss is exposed to all of the latest technological changes and unlike their competitors, they are perfectly placed to make the most of these advances.