Boss Polymer

Boss Polymer

Engineering industrial plastic and rubber products

Industrial Products

Boss Polymer is one of Melbourne's leading plastic and rubber extrusion suppliers and manufacturers, specialising in extruding both custom designed and generic products in a selection of engineering plastics and rubber. This encompasses LDPE, Crastin and rubbers such as silicone, Nitrile and EPDM.

Boss offers a technical advice and troubleshooting service. We work together with our client through all stages of the project in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Together, we will identify your specific issues, breakthrough the boundaries and create effective and economic solutions.

Our continual emphasis on research and development, and investment in new technologies has led to Boss Polymer becoming leaders in manufacturing and supplying plastic and rubber extrusion profiles across a variety of industries.

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Award Winning Design Company

Custom Design


  • Victorian Manufacturing Hall Of Fame

    In 2012 Boss Polymer was inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame in recognition of their innovative solutions and export projects.

  • Society of Automotive Engineers

    Boss are the proud recipients of the Society of Automotive Engineers Innovation award in acknowledgement of their excellence in automotive engineering, manufacturing, product design and quality

  • Solar Rating & Certification Corporation

    Boss Polymer and its subsidiary company Boss Solar are the only truly independent Australian manufacturer offering solar pool heating systems certified by the US Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC).




The Mills family have over 65 years of experience in providing high-tech rubber and plastic products



With 4,138 dies, Boss can offer a diverse range of products and solutions


World First

Boss is an Industry leading company who have developed many World first products

Leaders in the Industry

Boss has won many significant contracts where our design and innovative skills have assisted in bringing projects to successful conclusions

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  • Melbourne Sky Rail

    In 2017, AusPlas Pty. Ltd. Awarded Boss Polymer Technologies with the contract to supply thousands of metres of Noise Barrier Gasket for use in the Melbourne Sky Rail project

  • Collins Place Gutter System

    Boss Polymer was awarded the task of manufacturing a complete gutter system for Melbourne’s iconic Collins Place building

  • VSL Hong Kong Railway Expansion Joints

    Boss Polymer and Granor Rubber supplied VSL Hong Kong with two specialty, custom designed expansion joints for use in the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project (THSR)