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Rubber & Plastic Extrusions & Profiles for Irrigation & Agricultural Projects

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Working alongside many leading water boards and water engineering companies, Boss Polymer supplies a wide range of rubber and plastic seals, guide rubbers and components. Customised for the clients’ specific application, our Irrigation & Agricultural profiles are UV resistant, water resistant, reliable and long-lasting. The team at Boss are committed to providing effective, innovative and durable products that are simple in design, easy to install and cost-effective. With specialist skills in engineering and polymer chemistry, the team at Boss can advise you on the best materials and design for your particular application.

Boss Polymer has a wide range of rubber extrusions & profiles, plastic extrusions & profiles for various industries and applications.

Root Zone Propagation
Boss has a range of rubber profiles designed for use in Root Zone Propagation. The rubber compound is specifically designed to be durable and weather resistant. With excellent heat transfer properties, this is the product of choice for the application.

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Water Irrigation
Water Irrigation Gate Rubbers are made from high quality, UV and Ozone stabilised EPDM rubber. Specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, Boss have a wide range of profiles available or the capability to design any seal you may require.

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P Seals
Boss Polymer offer a broad range of P seals in both rubber and plastics. Boss are happy to provide off the shelf P seals to customs buying in volume. The Boss team also have the capability to develop custom products to suit your requirements. Contact us now.

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