The Mills family have experienced many changes in the rubber and plastics industry over the past 65 years, with many companies disappearing in this fluid and rapidly changing industry. However, a focus on Research and Development and a steady investment in innovative technologies and materials has allowed Boss Polymer Technologies and Boss Solar to become a strong presence in the Australian and international manufacturing Industry. Expertise in specialty materials and hi-tech design has led to Boss being regarded as a Leading Rubber and Plastics partner.

Today, Boss is focused on developing innovative Rubber and Polymer solutions to meet their customers demands. Boss Polymers substantial and continued investment in State-of-the-Art manufacturing and extrusion equipment, has resulted in the release of a world first technological breakthrough, the Boss Rhino Black Rigid Panel Solar Pool Heating System. Rhino has been released to enormous success both locally and internationally and leads us into an exciting new era in technology in both equipment design and designer materials.

Multi award winners

We have won many awards throughout our 25 years in the industry.


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