Boss Polymer pool heating products

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Boss Polymer is the parent company of Boss Solar, Australia’s largest and most respected Solar Pool Heating Manufacturer. Over the past 30 years Boss have developed a reputation for providing innovative, effective and reliable pool heating products, including the Rhino Solar®, Nanotek®, Ultimate Blue®, Triple Black®, VacRel®, TufMan® and TufFilta® range of products. Supplying distributors all over the world, Boss Solar are the only truly Independent Australian Manufacturer offering a Solar Pool Heating System certified by the SRCC. With over 30 years of experience, the team at Boss can assist you in the design, development and manufacture of high performance, efficient and reliable pool heating products to suit your needs.

Rigid Solar Pool Heating – Rhino Solar
Rhino Black is an Australia Made rigid solar pool heating system, specifically designed and engineered to withstand some of the harshest climates in the world. Engineered by Australia’s pool heating experts and certified to ICC 901 / SRCC 100-2015 Rhino Black is an innovative, reliable and World leading solar pool heating system.

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Flexible / Strip Solar Pool Heating
Boss are the largest Australian manufacturer of strip solar heating, supplying over 50% of the Australian market. Used in Australia for over 40 years, Strip Solar is an effective, reliable and economical pool heating option. Boss are the manufactures behind the NanoTek®, Ultimate Blue® and Triple Black® range of products.

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Ancillary Solar Pool Heating Products
Boss Solar also offer a complete range premium grade ancillary components. These components have been manufactured and tested to the highest possible standards to ensure quality and reliability. Boss Solars’ popular ancillary componentry include the VacRel® Vacuum Relief Valve, TufMan® and TufReturn® Manifolds and the TufFilta® Inline Solar Filter.

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Commercial Solar Pool Heating
Boss Solar have designed and supplied commercial solar systems worldwide for decades. Solar Pool Heating is a popular choice for commercial sized swimming pools due to its heating efficiency, simplicity, ease of maintenance and low running costs. Boss offers both Rigid and Strip Commercial Solar Pool Heating options.

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