Expansion Joints for Construction – Boss SpineSeal

Your engineering solution for expansion and control joint seals


Boss SpineSeal® is a patented expansion and control joint system for sealing gaps in vertical, horizontal and overhead structures. SpineSeal delivers fast installation times, high performance sound and moisture barriers and weather seals, and reduced environmental and OH&S impacts.

How does it work?

Boss SpineSeal is an extruded silicone rubber “fin” shaped seal, which is folded over a rigid backbone and then driven into the gap between panels. The rigid polymer “spine” forces the SpineSeal into the gap and the “fins” on the silicone seal provide several layers of protection and retention.

This easy to handle extruded rubber seal is installed quickly in continuous runs. You can install it vertically or horizontally in wall panels, or from above or below in overhead and floor structures. This provides an instant high quality finish, which can be colour coded to suit the design of the structure.

Significant benefits

The Boss SpineSeal can be simply installed by one worker using a rubber mallet. It can be installed seamlessly in virtually all weather conditions. No messy adhesives or chemicals are required and no preparation is necessary because the SpineSeal is designed to allow for a wide range of variations.



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