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Boss Polymer manufactures a range of rubber profiles designed for use in Root Zone Propagation. These rubber profiles are laid out on the benches in a greenhouse or nursery, heated water is pumped through the matting to ensure the plants root zone remains at a constant warm temperature. This is especially important during the night when the temperature drops. Keeping the plants root zone at a constant, warm temperature results in the plants propagating and growing much more quickly.

The heated water that is circulated through the rubber profile may be heated using solar energy, gas, electricity or a hybrid combination.

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The rubber compound used in our root zone rubber profiles is specifically designed to be durable and weather resistant. With excellent heat transfer properties, this is the product of choice for the application.

Generally, root zone rubber profiles consists of 10 flattened tubes connected by a small webbing. Each strip is roughly 150 to 160mm wide and the strips are installed side-by-side on the benches so there is good coverage and heat transfer to the plants. Boss Polymer can even assist in the supply of the manifolds that the rubber strips are joined to before being connected to PVC flow and return pipework.

With specialist skills in engineering and polymer chemistry, the team at Boss can advise you on the best materials and design for your particular application. We are committed to delivering high performance root zone propagation solutions that are innovative, durable, simple in design, easy to install and cost-effective.

Contact the Boss team and allow us to help you find the root zone rubber profile that best suits your application and needs.

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