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Weather Seals

Civil Engineering

Our weather seals and strips can be fitted to internal and external openings, to provide a physical barrier of insulation to unwanted air flows. Profiles can be custom designed in terms of both shape and physical characteristics of the material to suit your individual needs.

The patented ExWeld system allows Boss Polymer to weld tape directly onto the thermoplastic extrusion, creating a bond strength that is far superior to any other adhesive backed extrusion in the market place.

A winner of a SAE-A Automotive Engineering Excellence Award, this single extrusion process enables the customer to select the type of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape best suited to the task.

Boss Polymer supplies a wide range of rubber and thermoplastic window and door seals, made in their Melbourne manufacturing plant. The advantages of these seals include:

  • Ease of attachment
  • Instant adhesion and high retention
  • Flexibility in design
  • Provides a continuous seal against noise, moisture and dust
  • Fire retardant seals available

Give us a call to discuss your unique requirements and allow us to develop a cost-effective, innovative and simple solution for your project.

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