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Waterproof Joint Systems

Civil Engineering

Many historical or heritage listed buildings, or buildings with special architectural characteristics, are classified in such a way that standard waterproof joint systems cannot be installed. This may be due to a range of factors, for instance, aesthetic concerns and/or design limitations. In such cases, Boss Polymer will collaborate with designers, engineers and quality experts to bring your design concept to reality. We analyse the structure and put forward proposals recommending the most suitable waterproof joint system solution for the particular building, taking into account its historical era.

Boss Polymer specialises in working with large organisations and their engineers to maintain the structural integrity and external façade of the building, ensuring that it is visually pleasing, while also making the landmark more green friendly and sustainable. Our waterproof joint systems help to control the thermal temperature within the building and are ozone and UV stable and in some cases flame retardant.

In 2017 Boss Polymer undertook producing a gutter system to replace the existing one for AMP in Collins Place in Melbourne. It involved an extrusion over 300mm wide which formed a part of a complex gutter system, including a series of mouldings, Boss Polymer successfully delivered the project on time and in full.

Boss Polymer also recently designed the waterproofing and sealing system for the Perth Arena which was incredibly challenging. The designers used elements of the Eternity Puzzle, which resulted in some extremely challenging seal requirements solved by Boss Polymer, both in mouldings and extrusions.

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