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U channels can be made to suit almost any application and are most commonly used for sealing as well as to protect edges and as trimming. U channels are usually made from black EPDM rubber which is ozone and UV stabilised and can last up to thirty years.

Boss Polymer can manufacture U channels from a variety of different materials, including rigid plastics and thermoplastics. The benefit of this capability is, not only can they be made from a selection of colours, they are also able to be ozone and UV stabilised, however, they are not as hard wearing as the rubber.

The ability to colour match is considered highly important, providing aesthetic solutions or to ensure the integrity of the original building is maintained and was used in both the Eastlink and Perth Arena projects as well as various architectural and heritage projects. U channels are also frequently used in the furniture industry around the top of baskets, bins and tables.

Boss Polymer has supplied a variety of U channel gaskets for the refrigeration industry, supplying companies like Bondor and Metecno. In these cases the U channel acts as a seal around refrigerated doors.

Many ships use U channels for sealing doors as well as for various safety applications, for instance for low doorways, such as those used in the InCat Catamaran project. For this project thermoplastic rubber was used in the large expansion joints inside the hull of the vessel as it was not subject to the elements, however, elsewhere on the vessel EPDM rubber was used as its physical properties can handle the harsh salt water conditions.

Boss Polymer also supply U channels for the agricultural industry, for instance to protect cows in the milking sheds and in sluice gate systems.

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