Boss Polymer agriculture and irrigation products

P Seals

Irrigation & Agriculture

Boss Polymer can offer a wide range of P Seals (sometimes referred to a P Sections). P seals act as sealing profiles for a variety of applications including:

  • Doors hatches
  • Window trims
  • Gate seals
  • Many agricultural applications

With a wide range of dies available, Boss Polymer manufactures sizes from ID 5mm to 50mm. We offer a range of Silicone Rubber profiles which are commonly used on ovens, kilns, incubators and electrical compounds. P Seals made from silicone are manufactured between temperature ranges from -40°C up to +300°C.

With specialist skills in engineering and polymer chemistry, the team at Boss can advise you on the best materials and design for your particular application. We are committed to delivering high performance P Seals that are innovative, durable, simple in design, easy to install and cost-effective.

Contact the Boss Polymer team and allow us to help you find the P Seal that best suits your application and needs. View our extensive range of rubber extrusions & profiles, plastic extrusions & profiles, and silicone extrusions & profiles.

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