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P-shaped rubber seal profiles (also referred to as “P profile seals” or “P section seals”) are a simple way of saving energy and money by reducing heat loss and preventing drafts or unwanted airflow. Boss Polymer are capable of manufacturing a broad range of P seals from materials ranging from PVC to santoprene, through to EPDM.

Boss Polymer are a highly trusted company with a strong reputation in the marketplace and have been supplying P seals to various industries for thirty five years. We have the capability to provide the highest quality rubber P seals.


Choose from Standard Dies or Custom-Built Seals

We offer a wide range of standard dies or, alternatively, our in-house engineers can custom build a seal to meet your specific requirements.


Offering a Wide Range of P Seals

Boss Polymer also offers a range of silicone rubber profiles. Silicone has an extremely high temperature rating and can be food or medical grade. Silicone P seals are used for ovens, kilns, incubators and a variety of electrical enclosures. Temperature for silicone P seals range from -40°C up to +300°C.

P and J seal profiles are usually designed with a hollow bulb in the centre, which makes them more compressible than standard solid seals. They are firmer and hardier than standard sponge rubber shapes. The flange of the P seal can be positioned along the edge of a door to cover gaps and block dust, noise, and vibration. The flange can also be used to fix the seal to a door. P seals can be supplied in lengths or continuous coils.

Additional features include:

  • Resistant to ozone
  • Resistant to UV
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Resistant to heat
  • Prevents heat loss
  • Prevents leakage of gases and fluids
  • Exhibits excellent “shape” memory
  • Functions within a wide temperature range


P Seal Applications

Boss Polymer design and manufacture a versatile range of P seals and profiles used for sealing for a variety of applications including doors gaps, normal gate and water gate seals and window trims.

Contact the Boss Polymer sales team regarding your P Seal requirements.

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