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Civil Engineering

Boss Polymer offer a complete range of glazing products including glazing wedges and glazing window and door seals. Glazing systems for buses, trams, trains and automobiles are also supplied or can be custom made to suit your unique requirements.

Glazing Rubbers are used around the edges of glass windows and doors and are designed to fix the glass in place, in addition to achieving wind and water resistance. Our Glazing rubbers have minimum order quantities (MOQs), however our experience and State-of-the-Art equipment means that Boss Polymer can deliver relatively small to large quantities with short delivery lead times.

Our patented adhesive tape technology has been widely used in the automotive industry by companies such as ARB and EGR. Winner of a SAE-A Automotive Engineering Excellence Award, this single extrusion process enables the customer to select the type of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape best suited to the task.

Boss Polymer supplies a wide range of rubber and thermoplastic window and door seals, made in their Melbourne manufacturing plant. The advantages of these seals include:

  • Ease of attachment
  • Instant adhesion and high retention
  • Flexibility in design

Contact the Boss Polymer sales team and allow us to develop a Glazing Rubber that best suits your application and needs. We also have a wide range of rubber extrusions and profiles suitable for various industries and applications. View our range of plastic extrusions and profiles.

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