Boss Polymer construction products

Fire & Smoke, Weather, Vermin and Acoustic Seals


Boss Polymer produces sealing products for all types of doors and windows. All standard door dimensions are covered as seals are supplied in lengths which can be cut to size.

Boss Polymer specialises in producing seals for a variety of uses including:

  • Fire and Smoke Sealing Systems can be produced to meet current building regulation levels for fire resistance, these seals can be used where fire resistant products are required
  • Acoustic Door Sealing Systems providing a barrier to sound, these profiles can be custom designed and manufactured in a broad range of materials
  • Weather Seals which protect against the elements, such as the weather and loss of heat and or cooling, reduction of the intrusion of dust, general pollutants and some water overflow. Seals act as a barrier, limiting the entrance of spiders and other insects.

Boss Polymer can also produce seals from silicone, which come with a thirty year guarantee and can be fire and bush fire rated.

Some products are manufactured using Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is known for its durability, long performance life, resilience to moisture and ease of maintenance. These features make it a commonly used product in sealing applications. Our PVC solutions are available in a range of colours.

Give us a call to discuss your unique Fire & Smoke, Weather, Vermin and Acoustic Seal requirements. Allow us to develop a cost-effective, innovative and simple solution for your project.

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