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The Boss Polymer plant in Mulgrave, located south-east of Melbourne, Australia manufactures a complete range of façade gaskets and seals in a vast range of compounds, including plastics and rubbers. Façade gaskets and seals are used for a variety of purposes across a number of industries, in particular, during the construction of high rise buildings.

Our façade gaskets and seals are designed to withstand a range of different elements and climates. These can range from extremely hot conditions, high ozone and UV levels, extreme rain and strong winds.

Working with clients or their architects to create specialty and custom design solutions is Boss Polymer’s area of expertise. The design of these products is important for a number of different aspects of construction. For many projects the key element is aesthetics but designs must also take structural movement into consideration due to their use as dampeners for the prevention of drafts and protect against the absorption of moisture.

Boss Polymer have the technical capability and high-end equipment on-site to design and produce the best quality, high precision products encompassing a range of intricate and unique shapes. Façade gaskets and seals can be manufactured in a range of custom and standard shapes from a selection of materials, including thermoset rubbers, silicones and santoprenes.

Boss Polymer have developed a rigorous quality control system which enables them to maintain precise control over the manufacturing process to produce only the best quality products for the market place.

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