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Expansion Joints


Expansion Joint Systems

Changes in temperature cause the expansion and contraction of building materials, in order to make sure that the building is watertight and therefore maintains its structural integrity a series of expansion joints are used. Expansion joints protect against extremes in temperature and ground settlement. They are made to be aesthetically appealing and have a backup function of being a sound dampener.

An Australian manufacturer, Boss Polymer designs, develops and manufactures many complex expansion joints. Materials used include Neoprene, Nitrile and Santoprene.

Boss has participated in large scale projects, such as The Taiwanese railway and the London Underground. Joints can be large or small, applications vary from bridges and highways, down to pedestrian bridges.

Products can be bespoke or Boss Engineers can assist in the process.

Contact the Boss team to discuss your unique requirements. View our extensive range of rubber profiles, plastic profiles, and silicone profiles extrusions and profiles.

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