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Civil Engineering

Every building has a series of expansion joints which ensure the building is watertight and structural integrity through the safe absorption of expansion and contraction of construction materials caused by changes in temperature. Expansion protection is required for many forms of extreme weather, from heat waves to freeze overs as well as other natural phenomena such as earthquakes and ground settlement. Expansion joints are intricately designed to make them aesthetically appealing by making them difficult to see and have a secondary, equally important function, acting as a sound block or dampener.

The role of Boss Polymer as the sole Australian manufacturer capable of developing, designing and producing many of the extrusion profiles required for complex expansion joint systems has been crucial. Boss Polymer is capable of producing these construction joints in a range of materials, including Neoprene, Nitrile and Santoprene.

Boss Polymer provide a comprehensive range of expansion joints which are suitable for both small and large movement applications and which are applicable to large scale operations. Boss Polymer works in conjunction with many significant companies whose focus is on large scale, engineering and construction, such as Granor, VSL Hong Kong and Miska.

Boss Polymer make the elastomeric seals that become a part of a more complex steel structure which is used to support the structure and allow it to move. Applications are wide and varied and involve things which we commonly use in everyday life, such as bridges, highways, car parks, plaza decks and pedestrian bridges.

We work with our clients to manufacture custom designed extrusions for their expansion joint systems, these are usually designed by the clients own engineer or in conjunction with Boss Polymer.

Boss Polymer developed a purpose built system for the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project (THSR) which was purpose built to accommodate rail travel from one side of the country to the other. Boss also took part in a system specifically designed for the London underground railway.

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