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Capping Rubber

Mining, Screening & Refining

Capping Rubbers are used to cover stringer bars on vibrating screens to protect the screen cloth from damage and wear. Boss Polymer manufactures a wide range of generic rubber and plastic profiles, proprietary lines and custom design Capping Rubbers.

Our Capping Rubbers are generally manufactured using an Australian made and premium grade 70 DURO EPDM rubber compound. This material provides excellent resistance to wear, impact, ozone and UV. Boss Polymer profiles have excellent physical properties and are specifically suited for their application. Certificates of conformance may be supplied with the product.

Our engineering expertise and skill in polymer chemistry allows us to advise you on the most appropriate polymer selection and design to suit your specific Capping Rubber requirements.

Boss Polymer are committed to delivering high performance Capping Rubbers that are innovative, durable, simple in design, easy to install and cost-effective.

Contact the Boss Polymer team and allow us to help you find the Capping Rubbers that best suits your application and needs.

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