Sheet Products


sheet products

Boss Polymer Sheet Products

Boss Polymer Technologies will work with you to identify the right polymer sheet in any size or specification for your application.

Polymer range

Boss has a comprehensive proprietary range of sheet products available in various high performance polymers. Some of these standard compounds meet regulatory specifications, including; Food Grade, Fire Retardant, Fire Retardant, Anti-Static, UL and Potable requirements:


  • Sheet rubber
  • Sponge rubber
  • Insertion rubber
  • Skirting rubber


  • Rigid UHMW-PE
  • Rigid HMW-PE
  • Composite HMW-PE / TPE


To view our full range of Sheet Products please visit our extensive Catalogue here.


Should you have special requirements, Boss will work with you to identify the specific sheet product solution for your application. Contact our friendly sales team now for more information.