Rubber and Plastic Fenders


A Range of Boss Polymer Fenders and Aplications

Fenders for Docking, Marine, Aircraft and Transportation

Boss are the market leaders in the manufacture of precision extruded fender profiles for the marine dock, transport, airline support services and general industrial sectors.

Our Australian made fenders are available in a range of standard or custom fenders in a variety of profiles, materials, sizes and applications. Our highly specialised techniques and tooling allow us to produce fenders that are co-extruded, thus gaining the benefits of several compounds in a single extruded profile. For example, Boss can produce co-extruded fenders that possess multiple colours, dual hardness and specialty compounds for various applications.

Boss produces a variety of fenders including:

  • Marine / Docking Fenders
  • D-Shaped Fenders
  • P-Shaped Fenders
  • Pylon Fenders
  • Boat Gunwhale, and
  • Custom Designed Fenders

The team at Boss are highly trained to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process is closely and rigorously monitored to ensure all products meet our high specifications.

Specialist extrusion services include custom:

  • Custom Co-extruded profiles and compounds
  • Specialty Compounds, Including: flame retardant, anti-static, anti-fungal, non-staining PVC and UV protection
  • Post production operations, including precision cutting, notching, punching, trimming and jointing
  • Profile size range from 1 mm to rubber fenders weighing up to 26 kg/m


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Rubber Marine Fenders for Total Protection

Protect your dock, and the prized marine craft that berth alongside it, with premium fenders from Boss Marine Fenders. Our marine rubber fenders are designed and manufactured in Melbourne exclusively for Australian conditions. As a local manufacturer for over 25 years, we have a unique understanding of the harsh Australian conditions and tailor our products to be highly durable and cost effective.

Please visit our Boss Marine Fenders website to see our range and to place an order:

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Boss is the market leading manufacturer of industrial fenders with over 25 years of experience manufacturing highly reliable and durable products.

Make the skilled Boss engineering team part of your next project. To view our full range of Fenders please visit our extensive Catalogue here. Should you have special requirements, contact our technical sales staff, for your ideal product solution. Contact our friendly sales team now for more information.