General Rubber, Silicone Rubber and Engineering Plastic Extrusions

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General Extruded Profiles

Boss Polymer Technologies manufactures a wide range of general use extrusions, produced using a variety of polymers, including; Rubber, Silicone and Plastic. These general extrusions include weather-strips seals, compression seals and expansion joints.

Boss delivers the best profiles because they invest in:

  • Skilled people: The design, development and testing of high quality, fine tolerance tools is a Boss specialty skill, gained through a long tradition of manufacturing. We work collaboratively with customers’ designers, engineers and quality experts to supply profiles to many leading international and local companies
  • Sophisticated technology: including –
    • Centralised computer network connecting all lines for consistent quality control and accurate production data
    • Powered roller feeders
    • Laser measuring at the extruder face
    • In line ink jet printer for quality control batch identification

To view our full range of Extruded Rubber please visit our extensive Catalogue here.

Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for in the catalogue, Boss can custom make it for you. Learn more about our Custom Rubber Extrusions here, or simply contact our sales team for more information.