Composites and Co-Extrusions

State-of-the-Art Composites and Co-Extrusion Products

co-extrusionsDue to our investment in skilled employees and sophisticated technology, Boss is able to offer the most innovative products.
This new capability offers our clients the unique freedom to locally design and develop custom co-extruded profiles with minimal size or compound limitations. Combining multiple compounds within the one profile allows designers to develop a profile shape that performs multiple tasks within a single extruded profile.

 Benefits of Co-Extrusion Technology

This new technology facilitates the manufacture of extrusions in all variations of polymer materials, including rigid-flexible, flexible-flexible, rigid-rigid, rigid or flexible with pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape, rigid or flexible with “slip coat”, or triple extruded combinations.

To view some of our Composite and Co-extruded profiles, visit our catalogue here. Our Composite and Co-extruded profiles have a minimum order quantity (MOQ), however oco-ex and compositesur experience and State-of-the-Art equipment means that Boss can deliver relatively small to large quantities with short delivery lead times. Our continues profile technology enables us to supply in extremely long lengths.


For details on MOQs or to enquire about creating a custom extrusion to meet your needs, please contact our friendly sales team.