Designed to produce co-extrusions ranging from scientific equipment seals only millimetres thick to large marine fenders, the flexible new high quality Australian made line can produce double and triple co-extrusions from any mix of compatible materials.

This new capability offers our clients the unique freedom to locally design and develop custom co-extruded profiles with minimal size or compound limitations. Combining multiple compounds within the one profile allows designers to develop a profile shape that will perform multiple tasks with a single extruded profile.

The new Boss technology facilitates the manufacture of extrusions in all variations of polymer materials, including rigid-flexible, flexible-flexible, rigid-rigid, rigid or flexible with pressure sensitive self adhesive tape, rigid or flexible with “slip coat”, or triple extruded combinations.

Boss Polymer Technologies Technical Director Norman Mills said ongoing investment has kept Boss at the leading edge of co-extrusion technology. “We produce co-extrusions for critical engineering applications ranging from small self adhesive automotive window seals (using soft compounds for the working section with a 0.2 mm thick slip coat to impart low friction, high wear resistants to the soft, flexible profile) to large road construction expansion seals (that combine hard compounds to increase retention and wear resistance for the locking section with flexible compounds for the working section of the profile). In each case, our co-extruded profiles are able to be combined with our BossWeld Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)  Technology,” he said.

“Working in any combination of polymer materials in any colour, hardness, coating or optional PSA self adhesive, we provide a comprehensive design, develop, test and manufacture co-extrusion solution for customers,” said Norman Mills.

Boss is the market leader in Australian made precision extrusions and engineered plastic and rubber products. As an ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed manufacturing company, it offers technically tailored solutions based on a wealth of production experience.

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