Boss Polymer TufReturn Manifold
TufReturn Manifold

Boss designed the special features of TufMan and TufReturn to provide “install and forget” confidence in your solar heating systems. Key design points of this precision engineered manifold include:

  • TufMan is made in Australia from premium grade BASF Luran S® impact modified ASA and delivers excellent resistance to aging (ultraviolet radiation, weathering), chemicals and retains its colour.
  • TufMan has a unique design to strengthen parts of the manifold that are traditional weak spots, and to make installation quick and easy. TufMan has:
  • Long 50mm socket length for firm, positive joints.
  • Increased wall thickness for strength and durability.
  • Angle tipped barbs for easy fitting of the solar collector tube.
  • Sharp barbs for better absorber retention.
  • AustraliA range of Boss TufMan® manifolds is available to suit any installation.

TufMan® Range 

TufMan Manifold
TufMan Manifold

You can order:

  • Manifold lengths of either 400mm or 500mm.
  • TufMan with 10, 12 or 14 barbs to suit different collector systems.
  • Black or Colourbond colours may be special ordered, subject to minimum quantity requirements.
  • Your company logo moulded into the manifold