Silicon Collar #A 004Boss Polymer Technologies solves your problems with fitting and fixing solar absorber to the roof top manifold. The Boss SilLok® makes fitting the absorber easier and locks the absorber to the manifold for the life of the system.
Boss has designed SilLok* to be the simplest, most effective absorber locking system available. SilLok is:

  • Made in Australia from premium quality silicone rubber with excellent Ozone, Ultraviolet and physical properties for long life.
  • Elastic, so it adjusts to variations in size between the tube and the barb.
  • Fast because it grips and holds the collector tube shape, making it quicker and easier to slip the collector tube onto the manifold barb.
  • Convenient because it makes optional the task of stripping clean the webs between the collector tubes.
  • Strong – fixing the absorber to the manifold firmly to exceed the Australian Standard bursting pressure.