Why Settle for Second Best?

NanoTek Graphitic Collector
NanoTek Graphitic Collector

Selecting the right pool heating system to suit your needs can be a big task. With so many options out there it is hard to know what to choose.

Did you know that many Solar Pool Heating companies are still using Solar Collectors designed over forty years ago?

Traditional Solar Collectors are manufactured using a single compound, known as Mono Polymer Collectors. While these Collectors do the job, technological advances mean that traditional collectors are nowhere near as efficient as they could be.

Boss saw an opportunity to offer the market a Solar Collector that harnessed modern technology, and delivered heating efficiency like no other.

NanoTek is the most advanced Solar Pool Heating Strip Collector available in the world. Using their patented Nano technology, Boss has employed State-of-the-Art Co-Extrusion* techniques and High-Tech Nano Polymers to deliver a Solar Collector like no other.

By Co-Extruding the Collector, Boss has allowed NanoTek to gain the various benefits of two separate compounds into a single strip Collector.

Using advanced co-extrusion manufacturing techniques and innovative nano graphite technology, Nanotek’s design delivers superior thermal conductivity, allowing you to take advantage of smaller roof spaces as well as co-existing with PV panels. With Nanotek, you get uncompromised heating using less material. Heat your pool using the sun’s free energy and reduce your impact on climate change.

This means that the pool owner receives MORE heating, with significantly LESS Solar roof coverage.

Choosing Boss Solar exclusive range of Solar Collectors is a sound investment in your home, health and lifestyle. By harnessing the suns free energy, you can swim longer, relax more and save your pocket at the same time.

Don’t compromise your Solar Pool Heating efficiency with forty year old technology, demand that your installer use Boss Solar.


*Co-Extrusion is the process of merging two or more materials so they weld together, so that a single profile gains the desired characteristics and advantages of multiple materials.