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Victorian families can expect their power bills to soar this year following the impending closure of the Hazelwood power station in Victoria. In a report by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) it was estimated that Victorian homeowners living in the eastern states could be slugged with an additional $78 to their power bills by the end of March.

Hazelwood produces as much as 4% of the national electricity market, supplying power in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia. This closure could cause a domino effect, causing rapid and widespread implications for Australia’s national power grid and its customers.

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg stated that Hazelwood’s closure will result in an increase in electricity importation from NSW and Tasmania. Neighbouring states will experience a price increase as “there won’t be that cheaper form of generation, particularly brown coal, which is what Hazelwood does produce, going into those other states,” Mr Frydenberg said.  He continued on, stating that “the minute you start supplying either black coal or gas or renewables, costs do go up.”

Hazelwood’s closure will also result in the loss of over 800 jobs furthering Victoria’s economic hardship in a time where unemployment is already running at almost four times the national average.

Mark Wakeham, Victoria’s Environment chief executive stated that while he empathised with Hazelwood’s workers, the plant’s closure was long overdue. However, he also said that we must look to the future and set our sights on renewable energy “we’re likely to see significant investment in new renewable energy projects [in Victoria],” he said. “It will send a signal to the market that we need more renewable energy projects that will deliver a lot more clean energy, a lot more jobs.”


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Unfortunately, these renewable energy projects are still many years away from commencing. In the meantime, Australian power consumers must look at new ways of saving, including seeking alternative power sources.

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