Boss Polymer was recently acknowledged in a blog by Messages on Hold entitled ‘Impressing Callers from Stuttgart to Mulgrave‘ in which Boss was acknowledged for it’s commitment to it’s customers and praised  for its high level of professionalism, have a read of the article below:



person on phoneIn today’s fast paced business world, the difference between winning and losing a sale can often come down to the finest of details. Customers are demanding more, knowing that if their demands aren’t met, they can find another supplier around the corner or interstate or even overseas.

These customers expect a level of professionalism at every point of contact, something successful companies like Mercedes-Benz and Boss Polymer Technologies are acutely aware of. They pay close attention to their communications, including the audio that incoming telephone callers hear.

Welcome announcements and subtle on hold messages are common-place but there’s a huge difference between good and bad recordings, and today’s customer can hear the difference.

German motor vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has invested heavily in cultivating their brand over decades; their phone recordings complement that image. The voice is cultured, the scripting is perfect and the music matches their brand.

Mulgrave-based Boss Polymer Technologies also uses professional recordings to create a positive first impression. These recordings are written in a creative manner and when combined with perfectly matched voices and appropriate music, callers immediately perceiveBoss Polymer Technologies to be professional and polished.

At the other end of the scale, callers to a certain Balmain workwear clothing company get the opposite impression. Their welcome announcement has been recorded by a staff member in a noisy office; no background music, no smile.

That’s followed by a “We’re transferring you” message voiced in a US accent (obviously shipped with the phone system) before callers are subjected to some lacklustre (and loud) music that loops every 30 seconds. The whole thing screams: “We don’t care!”. Customers pick up on this from the outset and that impression is reinforced every time they call.

You can’t tell customers that you’re professional and switched on, they have to come to that realization themselves. There are a number of factors that lead customers to such a realization and professional phone audio from the likes of Messages On Hold, is one of them.

Today’s customer demands more, they have more options than ever before and are prepared to shop around. Organisations like Boss Polymer Technologies and Mercedes-Benz understand this and by caring enough to sound great on the phone, they remain a step ahead of most of their competitors.



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