splash Splash!Boss Solar has successfully launched their new range of Multilayered Solar Collectors at the SPLASH! Pool and Spa Trade Show at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast.

Our eye catching stand has been attracting a lot of attention. Constructed by Managing Director, Norman Mills with Graphic Design by Elléna Mills, the stand features the newly released Multilayered Composite Solar Collector Range, NanoTek, Venetian Blue (coloured solar) and Ultimate Blue.

MultiLayer Solar Collector is the latest patented technology, exclusively available from Boss Solar. With the ability to utilise up to four different materials into a single profile, Boss Solar is able to tailor-make the most technically advanced and best performing flexible Solar Pool heating Systems on the market today.

Their unique MultiLayer Co-Extruded Solar technology sets Boss apart from those manufacturers who are limited to offering collectors made from a single material only, known as Mono Polymer Collectors. Mono Polymer Collators have been around for over forty years, with virtually no progression. Settling for a single material Collector is a compromise on both performance and longevity.

The New MultiLayered Solar Collector Range includes; NanoTek, Venetian Blue (coloured solar) and Ultimate Blue.

NanoTek: Why Settle for Second Best?

NanoTek: Nano Graphitic Composite
NanoTek: Nano Graphitic Composite

The NanoTek Graphitic Composite is the most Advanced Solar Collector in the World. NanoTek Graphitic Collector is Boss Patented technology, combining State-of-the-Art Co-Extruded techniques and High-Tech Nano Polymers. The special Matt Black outer surface absorbs 20% more incident solar radiation that standard collector. The Nano-Graphitic inner tube then transfers the Sun’s Energy 30% quicker into 18% more water running through the larger 8mm diameter tubes. This results in a Solar Collector that is 40% more efficient, meaning that you get more heating with significantly less roof coverage.



Venetian Blue: Colour Without Compromise

Venetian Blue Solar Collector
Venetian Blue Solar Collector

Venetian Blue is a Solar Pool Heating System that from the ground appears to be coloured, however, is actually predominantly black, allowing for aesthetic appeal, while maintaining the systems heating efficiency. From above the Sun’s rays hit the black section of the profile, ensuring maximum heat absorption. While from the ground up, only the coloured strip can be seen; creating the illusion of colour. The inner blue tube is compounded for optimal pool water chemical resistance, performance and enhanced thermal conductivity. This Collector provides a 15 year warranty* and can be made to suit most Colourbond® roofs.





Ultimate Blue: Combining the Best into One

Ultimate Blue Solar Collector
Ultimate Blue Solar Collector

Ultimate Blue is Boss Patented technology using State-of-the –Art Co-Extrusion techniques to provide a MultiLayered Composite Solar Strip Collector with the best properties and warranty in the industry. The MaxBlack outer layer and web material has the best UV weathering Resistance package available. It utilises a high matting agent to maximise Solar Absorption and has increased Toughness in order to Resist Mechanical Damage and Puncturing. The Ultimate Blue inner tube has the best chemical, flex fatigue and barb sealing properties available, in addition to Enhanced Heat Conductivity.





The Boss team have been inundated with positive interest and enquiries, sending Boss competitors floundering into a tail spin; and wondering how they are going to compete with their forty year old technology.

Boss Solar is excited to see so many companies embracing this modern technology, and are looking forward to the positive changes this launch will have on the industry.

Call Boss Solar on +61 (03) 9561-2777 or send an email to [email protected] if you require more technical information, or if you would like to receive some free literature.

Let Boss support your business for our mutual success, we look forward to hearing from you.