From Left: Mackenziee Lawler, mother Raelene Lawler and Australian Energy Systems Andrew Bain
From Left: Mackenziee Lawler, mother Raelene Lawler and Australian Energy Systems Andrew Bain

FOR Mackenziee Lawler a 12 year old triplet from Flagstone, daily rehabilitation in a heated swimming pool is vital to combating the painful and debilitating effects of Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy.

Spastic Diplegia affects one in every five hundred children. The condition causes the patients muscles to be constantly tense, and more commonly affects the legs than the arms.

As a result of her condition, Mackenziees’ leg muscles are very strong and regularly contract causing her difficultly when trying to walk. To treat the pain, Mackenziee has been undergoing regular Botox injections to her legs since she was 18 months old. This treatment is then followed by an intensive rehabilitation work out, to stretch them in a hydrotherapy pool, heated to at least 30 degrees.

As the family was unable to achieve that temperature for their family pool, Mackenziee and her mother Raelene would spend weeks away from home to undergo rehabilitation in Brisbane.

However after a generous donation from Boss Solar and Australian Energy Systems (based at Slack’s Creek), that has all changed. Australian Energy Systems recently installed a $6,500 solar pool heating system. Much of the solar heating componentry used to heat the Lawler’s swimming pool was donated by Boss Solar. This collaboration between the two companies means that Mackenziee can now do her rehabilitation at home.

Ms Lawler stated that since the installation, the family’s life has changed dramatically and with Mackenziees upcoming surgery, having a pool they could use at home for her recovery was invaluable.

Ms Lawler stated that the donation has been a God send, by restricting the amount of travel time to find a pool that’s heated, it has enabled Mackenziee to have rehabilitation every day.

“Doctors never expected Mackenziee to walk at all. It’s largely because of the intensive rehab she has had that she can walk, as well as learn to ride a bike and skip for the first time recently. She is a tough cookie and has come through a lot in her life so far. The next year is going to be exciting, to see how much Mackenziee can maintain her progress and improve when she can use the pool everyday” said Ms Lawler.

Australian Energy System’s (AES) national network development manager Andrew Bain said that they became aware of the Lawler family after the company who built the pool informed them. Mr Bain said they immediately wanted to reach out and help this young family.

Mr Bain stated that AES likes “to give back to people in need and to hear how much our donation has helped Mackenziee and her family is just great. It’s been an absolute pleasure for us to be part of it,” he said.

Boss Solar is happy to hear that the Lawler family is doing so well and would like to wish Mackenziee all the best for her future.


Original Story by Natalie Hart, adapted by Madelyn Mills