image003The first of its kind in Australia, this dedicated new equipment will open new product development opportunities for local manufacturers operating in automotive, aviation, building, electronics, glazing, solar and other industries demanding profiles made from engineering plastics. Engineering plastics exhibit superior mechanical and thermal properties in a wide range of conditions over and above more commonly used commodity plastics.

The Boss investment features a European designed and made vacuum calibration downstream extrusion line enabling Australian companies to design and manufacture precision engineered rigid extruded profile components for the first time in Australia to streamline product development and reduce time to market.

This high quality line is designed to extrude engineering thermoplastics, including polymers such as ABS, PC, PMMA, PA glass filled nylons, and others.

Typically, an engineering plastic is chosen for its range of enhanced physical properties e.g. polycarbonate is highly impact resistant and polyamides (nylon) are highly resistant to abrasion. In these types of applications, designers are looking for plastics that can replace traditional engineering materials such as wood or metal. Other properties exhibited by various grades of engineering plastics include high heat resistance, mechanical strength, rigidity, chemical stability, thermal insulation and flame retardant.

Boss Polymer Technologies Technical Director Norman Mills said the leading edge technology in this new equipment now delivers unique manufacturing capabilities, such as glass filled nylon profiles, which are currently unavailable in our region. “Sourcing high end extruded rigid engineering plastics in the region has been difficult. Manufacturers have had to seek solutions offshore generally from either Europe or USA,” he said.

“With our computer aided design and tooling facilities, and this new production line, we can now extrude specialist materials and meet the critical specifications required for high quality and demanding engineering components. We are collaborating with customers on some exciting developments, which will result in local manufacture – rather than imports,” said Norman Mills.

Boss is the market leader in Australian made precision extrusions and engineered plastic and rubber products. As an ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed manufacturing company, it offers technically tailored solutions based on a wealth of production experience.

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