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Boss Solar (Boss Polymer) has an Extensive Range of Solar Pool Heating Products


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multiBoss Solar (subsidiary of Boss Polymer) produces the most Innovative and Effective Solar Pool Heaters on the market. Boss Solar’s Australian Made products are technically superior, and are Quality Assured to ISO 9001 Global Standard. Boss is in fact the largest and most respected manufacturer of quality Solar Pool Heating products in Australia and the surrounding region, and is the only truly Independent Australian Manufacturer offering a Solar Pool Heating System certified by the U.S Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC/Florida Testing).

Boss offers the industry a complete range of State-of-the-Art Pool Heating Products, setting the industry standard with their unique range, including; ProLokTM Modular Locking System, ProLok320TM Collector, NanotekTM, Ultimate BlueTM, VacRelTM, TufManTM, and TufFiltaTM products.

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ProLokTM Modular Locking System

The ProLokTM Modular Locking System is designed to save time and money, using top quality compounds to create a superior, cost effective Solar Pool Heating Solution. ProLokTM Modular Locking System uses world first technology to deliver an innovative Modular System specifically engineered to make the Pool Professionals life easier. The ProLokTM System comes with pre-assembled Modular Components, that quickly and securely lock together, providing a permanently leak free, aesthetically pleasing premium Solar Pool Heating System, that is backed by a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty*; which is guaranteed to deliver peace of mind.

*Subject to Terms & Conditions of Sale

ProLok320TM Modular Collector

ProLok320 Modular Collector is the widest strip Collector in the world; measuring an astounding 320mm. Extruded using State-of-the-Art technology and equipment, the 320mm wide by 20 tube collector will save both time and money for the distributor and installer. When combined with the patented Boss ProLokTM Modular Locking System, the tile wide ProLok320 Collector provides for rapid installation time, using only one installer with guaranteed installation quality. The Boss320 Modular Collector is supplied as a fully pre-assembled coil. Simply roll-it-out and lock each ProLokTM end into the other modules to guarantee a permanent leak free, visually pleasing and highly efficient Pool Heating System.




NanoTek Graphitic Collector

NanoTek Graphitic Collector

NanoTekTM Graphitic Collector is Boss patented technology, using State-of-the-Art Co-Extrusion techniques and high-tech nano Polymers, to gain the maximum advantages of two melded compounds. NanoTekTM is extruded with a specialised matt black outer surface, which is scientifically proven to absorb up to 20% more incident solar radiation than standard mono polymer solar collectors. The nano-graphitic inner tubes then transfer the sun’s energy 30% quicker, into 18% more water flowing through the larger 8 mm diameter tubes. The result is a solar collector that is 40% more efficient, therefore you get more heating, with less roof coverage.





Ultimate BlueTM

Ultimate Blue Solar Collector

Ultimate Blue Solar Collector

Ultimate Blue is Boss Patented technology using State-of-the –Art Co-Extrusion techniques to provide a MultiLayered Composite Solar Strip Collector with the best properties and warranty in the industry. The MaxBlack outer layer and web material has the best UV weathering Resistance package available. It utilises a high matting agent to maximise Solar Absorption and has increased Toughness in order to Resist Mechanical Damage and Puncturing. The Ultimate Blue inner tube has the best chemical, flex fatigue and barb sealing properties available, in addition to Enhanced Heat Conductivity.





Boss Polymer VacRel

A deconstructed Boss VacRel

The VacRelTM (Vacuum Relief Valve), is an innovative precision moulded product, that is meeting a critical need in the Swimming Pool Heating Industry. The VacRelTM has been specifically engineered not to leak, eliminating the occurrence of roof or gutter corrosion warranty claims. A significant feature of the VacRelTM lies in its ability to stop the Absorber (collector) from crushing, thus eliminating internal splits and leaks.  Made from high-grade LuranSR materials, the Boss VacRelTM is made to deliver long trouble free life. The VacRelTM is well known in the industry for its high performance and reliability.




TufMan custom designed manifold

TufMan custom designed manifold

Boss Solar has created a manifold specifically designed to overcome the cracking and splitting problems commonly experienced with roof top manifolds. TufManTM is a custom designed manifold* moulded in a single piece with special heavy duty elements for long life. Boss designed the special features of TufManTM to provide “install and forget” confidence the Solar Heating Systems. TufManTM is made in Australia from premium grade BASF Luran S® impact modified ASA, and delivers excellent resistance to aging (ultraviolet radiation, weathering), chemicals and retains its colour. TufManTM has a unique design to strengthen parts of the manifold that are traditional weak spots, and to make installation quick and easy. TufManTM has:

  • Long 50mm socket length for firm, positive joints
  • Increased wall thickness for strength and durability
  • Angle tipped barbs for easy fitting of the solar collector tube
  • Sharp barbs for better absorber retention
  • Is Australian made

Boss provides a range of TufManTM manifolds to suit virtually any installation. The TufManTM Manifold can be supplied in lengths of either 400mm or 500mm, with 10, 12 or 14 barbs to suit different collector systems. The TufManTM can be supplied in Black, or Colourbond colours that may be special ordered, (subject to minimum quantity requirements).

*Subject to Terms & Conditions of Sale




Boss TufFilta – Filters the Filth!

The TufFiltaTM is a high performance inline solar filter that is responsible for filtering out debris and fibers which can cause blocked tubes and stagnant systems. This can result in many adverse effects on the overall system, such as the rupture of tubes, or poorly performing systems due to low water flow. The TufFiltaTM is therefore an essential component to any solar pool heating system. The Australian moulded filter body is manufactured from premium materials, with a UV stabilized and impact resistant clear Acrylic bowl, and an impact modified PVC top. To ensure that the TufFiltaTM component does not leak, a Nitrile O-ring is fitted in every Boss TufFiltaTM. The replaceable synthetic inner filter cartridge collects the particles and prevents their progression through the system.





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