Extrusions and Moulded Products

Custom and General Extrusions and Moulded Products

mouldedproductsBoss Polymer Technologies Extrusions and Moulded products produce results for customers across Australia. The experienced Boss team collaborates with designers, engineers and quality experts in top Australian and overseas companies to supply precision engineered mouldings. We supply both general and custom design moulding solutions to meet your special requirements.

Boss is a Quality Endorsed company to ISO 9001 (Licence QEC20880 SAI Global) and our resources include the technical facilities of our global polymer partners. We deliver the highest quality moulded and extrusion products because we invest in:

  • Skilled people – The design, development, manufacture and testing of high quality, fine tolerance tools is a Boss specialty skill, gained through a long tradition of manufacturing. We work with both injection and compression moulding technologies
  • Sophisticated Technology

Our sophisticated technology provides:

  • Small, intricate mouldings, or large product
  • Short R&D runs, or large production volumes
  • Consistent quality control and accurate batch data

Customer Services

Our specialist extrusion and moulding services include:

  • Product design and consultation
  • Polymer Development
  • Design and Development of High Quality Tooling
  • Product development and manufacture and testing facilities available

Polymer Range

We offer a comprehensive range of Thermoplastic and Thermoset polymers for moulded products. Some of these standard compounds meet regulatory specifications, including Food Grade, Fire Retardant, Anti-Static and Potable requirements. Should your moulding have special requirements, Boss will work with you to develop a solution.

To see our range of Extrusions and Moulded Products, visit our extensive catalogue here.