The Mills family have seen many changes in the Polymer industry over the past 65 years, with many companies disappearing in this fluid and rapidly changing industry. However a focus on Research and Development and a steady investment in innovative technologies and materials has allowed Boss Polymer Technologies to become a strong presence in the Australian manufacturing Industry.

Part of this strong growth can be contributed to some of Boss’ youngest team members; Madelyn and Ellena Mills. These sisters have grown up with Boss Polymer and have seen its changes throughout the years. By joining the Boss team the sisters are continuing the Mills family business, starting with their Grandfather Ross Mills and Great Uncle Stewart Mills, and continuing with their mother and father; Elisabeth and Norman Mills.

Madelyn Mills


From a young age, the duo has been immersed in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic products. This then lead the girls to join the Boss team on the factory floor in their formative teen years; coiling rubber and sweeping the floors. Their University studies, dedication and hard work has developed a keen interest in the family business. This has subsequently resulted in the sisters becoming part of our Boss team, bringing their advertising and marketing skills to drive Boss within the industry.

At the age of 22, Madelyn has already completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Management) degree, and is now in her last semester of a Masters in Marketing degree at Swinburne University of Technology. Madelyn has continued to work at Boss throughout both degrees, bringing the skills she has learnt at University to everyday tasks at the company; with a focus on Boss’ online marketing presence. Having a person with that amount of skills, who is solely focused on a marketing campaign has benefited Boss greatly.

Ellena Mills

Ellena (aged 20) also attends Swinburne University of Technology where she is in her third year of the Bachelor of Design (Communication) Honours course. Passionate about graphic design, Ellena utilises her skills creating brochures, flyers, videos, magazine advertisements, truck curtains and many other forms of advertising. Recently she had the pleasure of designing Boss’ Multilayered trade stand, which was displayed at the SPLASH! Show in Queensland and the Piscine Show in France. As well as designing the stand, Ellena was also present at both shows; communicating with many potential customers, creating contacts and learning a lot along the way that will be invaluable for her future.

Both Madelyn and Ellena have expressed interest with continuing the Mills Family tradition of working in the family business. The sisters look forward to developing innovative and dynamic products and strategies to propel Boss into the future.

On behalf of Boss we would like to say good luck and welcome to the team!